1. German Language Lessons for Adults

    Are you planning to travel to a German speaking country or do you need to learn German for work purposes? Or maybe you wish to communicate with your German speaking relatives. Or you are simply fascinated with the German or European culture and feel like learning another language for personal pleasure. Whatever your reasons might be, don’t wait any longer and get in touch with German On The Coast where we can look after you for all your language needs.

  2. German Language Lessons for Children

    Don’t waste those important learning years and let your school age child study German in happy, relaxed learning environment with a professional and experienced teacher, who is encouragingly teaching German to young students

  3. German Language Lessons for Childcare Centres

    German On The Coast offers since 2006 fun filled German lessons for the children in several childcare centres on the Gold Coast. “Schnappi Club” lessons are held by Sandra Haselhorst, who is a certified native German Kindergarten teacher. The lessons follow a proven step- by- step program, starting with simple greeting forms, questions and answers and then adding slowly more and more words over the month.

  4. German Translation Service

    German On The Coast offers a range of informal translation services
    from German to English and English to German.

    Please be advised, that we can’t offer any formal translations services (passports, official documents, licences etc.) yet. If you require any of those translations please contact a registered NAATI translator.

    Please contact us in order to receive a quote for your translation. Our service is fast, professional and affordable.

  5. German for Absolute Beginners | Free Video Lessons

    A great place to start!

Pricing for Adult Lessons

Private Lessons $60hour (add only $25 for each additional learner)

Exam Preparation  $60/hour (A1-C1 level)

School Tutoring $50/45 min

Group Lessons: $175class (5 lessons)

new ZOOM Lessons : Please enquire

Also enquire about further student/family/pensioner discounts and payment conditions
*term payments apply

Pricing for School Children (9-12 years)

Private Lessons: $4030min

There is private tuition for primary school. Please enquire within for availability. Don’t waste those important learning years and let your school age child study German in happy, relaxed learning environment.