German Lessons for Adults

Are you planning to travel to a German speaking country or do you need to learn German for work purposes?

Or maybe you wish to communicate with your German speaking relatives. Or you are simply fascinated with the German or European culture and feel like learning another language for personal pleasure. Whatever your reasons might be, don’t wait any longer and get in touch with German On The Coast where we can look after you for all your language needs.

Private Lessons

You may feel that a 1:1 learning situation will be the most effective and fastest option for you. Or do you prefer to book some German lessons specially for your family or a group of friends?  Private lessons offer you more flexibility as lesson times can be arranged  at the most convenient times for you (eg day or night time).

Prices for Private Lessons $60 / hour.
(add only $15 for each additional learner)

Group Lessons

If you prefer a more affordable option of German lessons and you like learning in a group situation, please enquire about our group lesson time table. Small classes for different levels are running all week nights. New absolute beginner’s classes start several times a year from the scratch-please enquire about the next starting date.

Group lessons are an affordable and effective way of building up your German language knowledge and give you the chance of putting your new conversation skills into practice with a nice group of mind like people.